Remote terminal sharing solution

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Apr 23 07:34:29 MDT 2009

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Is that what you need also?  Screen might be part of the solution, but 
> the rest eludes me.  There has to be something out there.  If not, it 
> needs to be written.

Yes I think so.  Here's one solution that's a bit convoluted but works:

1.  You set up a screen session local to your own machine, reachable by JJ.
2.  JJ runs this command (could be in the form a script) to ssh to your

   ssh -R 2222:someinternalserver:22 -l supportusername yoursupporthost
   screen -x
3.  You use the tunnel to ssh back to his machine, and he can type the
password for you.
4.  Assist in setup

This is a bit convoluted though, and may not be appropriate for JJ.  For
my purposes it would be fine, although maybe a bit slow (extra latency
with 2 round-trips for every keystroke).

Maybe I can modify kibitz to do what I want.  Some kind of SSL-protected

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