Remote terminal sharing solution

Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Apr 22 19:53:23 MDT 2009

Michael Torrie wrote:
> Hmm.  How would this fit my original requirements?  How can I "send" a
> terminal session to a remote machine with this?  I see how kibitz could
> be used the other way around (remote kibitz connecting to a local one),
> but that requires login credentials.  Not quite what I'm looking for.

Rather I mean that kibitz requires that I be able to connect to the
machine I'm trying to interact with, rather than the other way around.
When machines are behind a firewall, I simply could not reach them that way.

Basically I'm looking for a shared-terminal version of what some people
call reverse VNC where the "viewer" runs in listen mode, waiting for
someone to initiate a connection from the "server" to the "viewer."

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