Remote terminal sharing solution

Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Apr 22 19:48:35 MDT 2009

Chris wrote:
> kibitz could hardly be easier to use--think "talk" and you're pretty much
> there.  One user types "kibitz buddyusername", which starts a new session
> and sends a message to buddyusername's terminal telling him/her what kibitz
> command to type to join the session.  Once buddyusername types that command
> into his/her shell, the two users are joined together in the kibitz session.

Hmm.  How would this fit my original requirements?  How can I "send" a
terminal session to a remote machine with this?  I see how kibitz could
be used the other way around (remote kibitz connecting to a local one),
but that requires login credentials.  Not quite what I'm looking for.

> If there are any surprises surrounding kibitz, the primary one is that it's
> not more widely known and used.  It's one of those gems like xargs that is
> supremely useful and yet still obscure.

Agreed.  There's also a program called "gems" that broadcasts a scree.
It's not interactive though, and can't be used in quite the way I want

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