firewalls, virtual hosts, and a free html class was: Word scrambling

Kyle Waters unum at
Wed Apr 22 16:27:09 MDT 2009

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) wrote:
> What I'd like to know is why, or rather how, my company's firewall and
> routing h/w and s/w interprets, correctly or incorrectly, that a domain
> such as is 'dangerous' and thus prevents me from browsing
> it. Any ideas how a corporate firewall would make such a decision? I'll
> visit this link at home tonight. 

Your company can be doing one of the two things.  Key word blocking or 
subscribing to a filter service.  They are probably doing the later.  It 
should tell you what it is using when it blocks the page.  We use 
fortiguard filtering service which puts things into different 
catagories.  Fortiguard has listed as malware.  I can submit a 
request to fortiguard that it unblock the site, but being somewhat 
familiar with the site, I wouldn't be surprised if you could download 
malware from it....

That said I have had to request that all of my own websites be unblocked 
by fortiguard(they all share the same ip on a linode virtual server 
btw).  They did unblock them all.  I think they may have been blocked 
because I had an unprotected wiki that had been taken advantage of by 
spammers(which I had since cleaned up).

On the topic of children setting up web pages.  I am teaching a class at 
the Salt Lake City Library on using HTML & CSS.  It is meant as a VERY 
basic class on what HTML is and how to make a basic web page.  I'm 
teaching it tonight(wednesday April 22nd) at 6:30 pm.  I'll be doing 
another one in July 8th 2:00pm.  More information(including an outline 
and examples) can be found at a disabled wiki :).


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