Issues with ssh-agent connecting to a large number of hosts at once

Andy Bradford amb-plugg at
Wed Apr 22 13:53:35 MDT 2009

Thus said Bob Belnap on Wed, 22 Apr 2009 09:21:38 MDT:

> Another clue to the puzzle. I have 1300 or so machines in a DC in Hong
> Kong, only  available through  a jump  server in the  same DC.  If I'm
> running my  agent on my  local machine,  through the jump  server, and
> connect to  all the  machines, connections time  out, agent  locks up,
> etc.

Maybe  you're  hitting a  firewall  with  a  max-conn rate  limiting  or
something. Are you able to establish connections to this host (try using
a non  ssh-agent enabled  login) or even  try ``telnet 22''
once you get into this state?

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