Data extraction

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Wed Apr 22 09:54:05 MDT 2009

On Wed Apr 22 2009 09:36:49 Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) wrote:
> >What do you mean by "SEE"? You can't get on the network? You
> >don't see it in Places-> Network? I'm going to assume the
> >former, because 1) I never use the latter, and 2) you don't
> >want to use "Windows networking" (aka Samba) anyway.
> By 'see' I mean, even though each machine can access resources on the
> 'net, non can connect to and access LOCAL resources, despite all being
> connected through the same router. On one machine I can see a window's
> network icon, but I click on it and generate a permissions error, that I
> don't have sufficient permissions to access those resources.

This sounds like a configuration issue with the machine hosting the resource. 
Accounts, permissions, etc.

> In suggestion I avoid Samba, are you indicating that NFS would work much
> better? Samba has always, until now, worked well for me, but I am
> willing to give NFS a shot. I really don't care which I use, as long as
> I can enable sharing among these machines and establish remote access
> and control that works too.

Sounds like some scope creep from the original posting. :)
What, exactly, do you need to accomplish? The original post sounded like you 
merely wanted to move a system from one machine to another. The above sounds 
like you have additional and/or completely different requirements.


> Are these in a script, or just entered at the command prompt? I don't
> mean to sound ignorant here, but I am not sure how to use these.

The referenced were all commands to be entered at a shell prompt.

There's no shame in ignorance. Everyone starts with the same zero knowledge.

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