Remote terminal sharing solution

Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Apr 22 09:02:17 MDT 2009

Michael Torrie wrote:
> I'm looking for a solution like screen (maybe based on screen) for
> remote terminal sharing.  But rather than logging into a remote machine
> where screen is already running and doing "screen -x" I want to have a
> system where someone running screen on the remote server connects out to
> my machine, letting me see what they are doing and work with them.  This
> would let a person have me help them out with system administration
> tasks without having to have any passwords or any access at all normally
> to their systems.

This document describes what I'd like to do, but I want to be able to do
it somehow without needing a special account on my machine.  More like
something I could run on demand, that someone could connect to,
"sending" me their screen.

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