Data extraction

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>On Tuesday 21 April 2009 9:52:11 am Jones, Scott (GE Money, 
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>> I have a drive in a spare machine, from which I want to 
>copy, over my 
>> home LAN, the various folders, /, /var, /usr /home to 
>another machine 
>> with a much larger hdd. I have tried booting the machine 
>using a live 
>> ubuntu 8.10 desktop disc.. But have trouble getting 
>networking on this 
>> machine, to 'SEE' my other linux box, which also runs ubuntu 8.10 
>> desktop.
>> Am I approaching this the right way? Is there any easier 
>way, short of 
>> pulling the drive and installing in this other machine, to 
>just mount 
>> each folder and pull the data that way? I want to move it over on my 
>> network if possible.
>> Scott
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>NFS? Have you checked that out?

Please advise, Jessie

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