Web admin access to home router

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) Scott.1Jones at ge.com
Fri Apr 17 14:47:26 MDT 2009

> Here's my question: If I can access the router remotely, then I should

> fairly easily get access to my server box established, is this

Yes, enabling remote management has that great benefit.  You can change
port forwards on the fly from any location.

> The other question: Is it even adviseable to allow web access or is 
> that asking for trouble? How hackable is a router, in the face of a 
> determined hacker?

Yes, this is the drawback of remote management.  Increased usability
often comes with reduced security.  A determined hacker could, in
theory, attempt to brute force your router's password to get access to
your internal network.  I haven't heard any reports of this being a
common occurrence, but it would be a very smart thing to program a bot
army to do this.  So you might want to think about that before enabling


Let's say I can get things set up so that ssh works, both to my server
box inside my home network, AND to the router. Should I open up ssh to
the router? I believe that is another access point. Is it any safer than
just web access to the router's web interface? Or is that just as
insecure, in face of a brute force attempt? 


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