Interesting spam statistics

James Lance james at
Mon Apr 13 11:11:49 MDT 2009

>> I've noticed that spam volume shrinks to a very low amount  
>> (relatively)
>> on weekends and then immediately spikes on Mondays.  This user gets
>> about 50-60 spam messages a day monday through friday.  Then on  
>> Saturday
>> and Sunday it drops to abotu 15-20 spam a day.  This is really  
>> curious
>> as I always imagined spammers using automated systems.  Has anyone  
>> else
>> noticed this, and what might be reasons for this?
> People check email during the week, especially at work.  You would  
> see the
> same trends over long weekends (Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, etc..)  At
> Freeservers we noticed signups followed trends of when people were  
> typically
> at work.
> Sorry for the short reponse.  Gotta make sure no one sees me  
> checking email
> at work!

It partially has to do with having the email land in the inbox while  
the person is at their computer.  They are more likely to at least  
glance at it.  If you get in on monday and have 20-30 spam messages  
waiting for you, you are more likely to just batch delete the whole  

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