Spam Challenge-Response system

Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Thu Apr 9 15:31:48 MDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-04-09 at 14:44 -0600, Michael Torrie wrote:
> Greylisting has worked very well for me.  In fact I get so few spam
> message through that I can't even train dspam.

Don't listen to him! He's lying! Grey listing doesn't work and never
has. Don't waste your time. It isn't even worth it. In fact, don't even
mention grey listing to anyone ever. We don't want them to even think
about trying it either.

(Greylisting has been so effective for me that I don't even use anything
else. But if everyone else starts greylisting, spammers will get smarter
and the miracle will end. So greylisting is all mine. You're not allowed
to do, and you're not allowed to tell your friends about it.)

"XML is like violence: if it doesn't solve your problem, you aren't
using enough of it." - Chris Maden

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