Spam Challenge-Response system

Jessie Morris jessie at
Thu Apr 9 14:54:29 MDT 2009

On Thursday 09 April 2009 2:44:19 pm Michael Torrie wrote:
> Jessie Morris wrote:
> > Postgrey was almost exactly what I was looking for. :) With Postgrey it's
> > almost completely automatic.
> >
> > For anybody else looking for this kind of system, here's a pretty good
> > link talking about how to do it.
> >
> >
> Greylisting has worked very well for me.  In fact I get so few spam
> message through that I can't even train dspam.
> I have noticed, though, that over the last year or two more and more
> spam bots are calling back and delivering their spam.  Maybe we need to
> combine greylisting with some kind of tarpit idea.  Where we hold onto
> their connection for 30-60 seconds before saying, "try back later."
> That just might raise the cost for spammers just a little bit.  A
> never-ending arms race.   That's for sure.
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Ha. Lets do it. I'd love to be able to get back at all those da*n spammers. I 
get soooooo much spam. It's ridiculous. Anyways, is there any easy way to do 
this with Postfix?


Jessie Morris

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