CD-ROM recovery software?

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Thu Apr 9 10:54:18 MDT 2009

On Thu Apr 9 2009 10:47:02 Charles Curley wrote:
> One you likely won't find: at JPL I worked on a home brewed data
> collection computer. The original home brew CPU had an 18 bit wide
> Ampex core. We were adding a small herd of 6502s to supplement and
> eventually replace the home brew CPU.
> The machine used a 6 bit subset of ASCII, called "half-ASCII", on its
> displays. So you could stuff three characters into a word in the Ampex
> core. The terms "byte" and "word" were rather fluid, depending in part
> on where in memory you were writing.

That is bizarre, and cool.

> So, yes, I knew perfectly well that some pedant would pick that
> nit. The only question was, which one(s)? Nicholas, please step
> forward and accept the Pedant of the Day Award.

Accepted. :)

> Hmmm, should we rename this outfit the Pedantic Linux Users Group?

I'd wager that could apply to nearly all Linux users groups...

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