CD-ROM recovery software?

Jessie Morris jessie at
Wed Apr 8 20:27:27 MDT 2009

On Wednesday 08 April 2009 8:24:44 pm Brandon Stout wrote:
> Andrew Hunter wrote:
> > "Free Lossless Audio Codec".  It's like many of the audio codecs out
> > there, but lossless.  The flac homepage
> > ( gives good information.  If you have
> > an audio player that supports it, and a set of headphones that can
> > take advantage of the improvement, it's worth using.  It's also
> > great as an archival medium.
> It's not just for high end headphones.  I'll be sending the music to
> my home stereo system from the computer.  You could DJ a dance with
> high quality equipment, and tracks stored in flac sound better than
> mp3 there, too.  If it were just for headphones, I probably wouldn't
> bother re-ripping all my audio CDs to flac.
> Brandon
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Amen. I use flac now and I hear things that I never heard off mp3's.

Jessie Morris

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