Online CISSP study group forming

Jason Wood jason at
Wed Apr 8 12:34:29 MDT 2009

There are 8 of us so far, which isn't bad for 2 days after announcing it 
in various venues.  I'd guess that about 50% of us are in Utah, but 
there are some folks in CA, OR and even one in India.  I just sent out a 
target date of the first week in May to start and I've asked the group 
for which days and times are workable.  So in short, we are on our way.

If you'd like to jump in, please send me the following information to my 
gmail address tadaka_SPAM at

Name - ( I don't have real names for everyone)
Skype ID
Day/Times that work for you
When you would like to be ready to take the exam

Also include the email address you want to use for the communication.  
I'll add you to the group and send you a confirmation email from my 
gmail account.  If you don't have a hard date set for taking the test, 
no worries.  Some folks have more open ended plans.

Thanks for responding.


MT Morales wrote:
> hey, this is something I was planning in persuing myself using some study
> material, but if there some real people participation, it could be
> beneficial to all of us. Thanks for bringing this idea up and please keep me
> in the loop to get involved.
> thanks,
> Tomas M
> On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 3:19 PM, Jason Wood <jason at>wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I realize that this is not exactly Linux/Open Source related, but I thought
>> it might be useful to a couple of people on the list.  I'm starting to
>> organize a study group for the CISSP examination and will be conducting it
>> online.  I just started mentioning it to people today and I've received
>> interest from a few folks already.  I don't have a specific time set for
>> this to start, but I'm shooting for late April to early May.
>> I'm investigating some options, but I think we will probably be meeting via
>> Skype and using some other online resources.  Please note that I do not
>> represent a training company or anything like that.  I'm just trying to
>> prepare for this examination myself.  I thought this might help me stay
>> motivated and let hear what other people think.
>> If you are interested in participating to prepare for this test, let me
>> know.  If you already have a CISSP and you wouldn't mind sharing your
>> experiences, also please let me know.
>> Thanks,
>> Jason Wood
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