CD-ROM recovery software?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Apr 8 11:18:58 MDT 2009

Brandon Stout wrote:
> I have an original audio CD that has a crack spreading from the edge.
>  It's finally reached the last track.  Might superglue to hold it 
> together and turtle wax over the scratch work?  Anyone tried that?

Never hurts to try it, at least to get a rip.  Sounds like your disk is
basically a write-off anyway.

However, I'm doubtful this would work.  The crack has most likely ripped
the aluminum foil data layer.  Also, even if you can super-glue it, even
if you buff the bottom, you'll still see the crack (and so will the
laser).  So it may sort of work, but you'll get lots of errors and

I say you should try it though.

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