Scanning in docs.

Shane Hathaway shane at
Wed Apr 8 00:30:55 MDT 2009

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> I'm looking for a document scanner to make digital copies of cabinets
> and cabinets full of old invoices.  I'm wondering if anyone knows of a
> good piece of hardware for this.  Of course, it would be best if it
> worked with Linux, but we are *not* holding our breath.
> Also, it would be nice it had software that could read a printout and
> use OCR and save the new document using a given path and filename (or
> whatever).
> Ideas?  Thanks all!

I wish I could recommend a Linux solution, but the ScanSnap line is 
really amazing.  My dad bought one a few years ago.  You feed it up to 
50 pages at a time, it takes only a few seconds per page, and the 
bundled Windows software performs good OCR automatically.  It makes a 
flatbed scanner look really silly.

Who knows, maybe the software works in Wine. :-)


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