Disable Amavis For Certain From Addresses?

Kimball Larsen kimball at kimballlarsen.com
Tue Apr 7 17:41:27 MDT 2009

I've got an ubuntu mail server set up to use Amavis + spamassassin  
under Postfix for all our incoming and outgoing mail.

The anti-spam stuff works well - and in one case a little too well.   
About once a week or so we send a newsletter out to our customers -  
this is roughly 15000 emails.  If our spam checking stuff is enabled  
when we send, it only sends about 2-3 messages / second, which means  
the sending process takes a *long* time.

So, I disable the spam checking when we send like this:

@bypass_spam_checks_acl = ( "!.$mydomain", "." );

in the amavis configuration file.   This works well, but I'm concerned  
that it is disabling too much - in reality, I just need to have it  
disable the spam checking when the mail is from bounce at mydomain.com.

Anyone out there know how to do this?  Is it as simple as doing this:

@bypass_spam_checks_acl = ( "bounce at mydomain.com" );


- Kimball

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