(Domain-like setup)

Jessie Morris jessie at confettiantiques.com
Sun Apr 5 17:08:38 MDT 2009

On Sunday 05 April 2009 4:38:27 pm Aaron Toponce wrote:
> jessie at confettiantiques.com wrote:
> >> Authentication for what services?
> >
> > Logging in.
> This is an amazing conversation. I'm surprised it's not happening on IRC.
> If you want centralized accounts on a single directory server, that
> clients can authenticate against, then I would would recommend setting
> up an LDAP yellow pages server, such as OpenLDAP or Fedora Directory
> Server, with an MIT Kerberos implementation for providing strong
> encrypting, even for non-encrypted protocols like FTP, and providing a
> single-sign on capability. LDAP + Kerberos, if you can, is the preferred
> method for centralized authentication.

haha. Very funny. Sorry, I've been working and I've been really busy, so I 
didn't have much time to reply. Thank you for this response, but just to 
clarify, can I use this to log into a linux system. For example, could I 
change the root password on the central server and that trickles down to each 
of the clients.

Jessie Morris

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