QMail and Rejections

Andy Bradford amb-plugg at bradfords.org
Tue Sep 30 18:47:30 MDT 2008

Thus said "William Attwood" on Tue, 30 Sep 2008 14:45:59 -0800:

> "Your  server has  unexpectedly  terminated  the connection.  Possible
> causes for this  include server problems, network problems,  or a long
> period of inactivity.  Account: 'mail.me.com', Server: '',
> Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F"

Outlook error  messages generally  aren't very useful,  but this  one is
pretty obvious. Your  Outlook client is configured to speak  SSL to your
SMTP  daemon,  but your  SMTP  daemon  didn't like  it.  If  you have  a
Microsoft error book you might be able to lookup 0x800CCC0F. :-)

> The server is using qmail. I can telnet in just fine and send from the
> telnet connection (port 25) however, I can't send out using Outlook.

Did you try using SSL like your Outlook client apparently is doing? Rule
number one when impersonating a  program to diagnose something manually:
behave like the program.

If I had to  guess it would be that your  qmail-smtpd is advertising the
fact that it supports STARTTLS  but that you haven't properly configured
it (i.e.  forgot to install  the SSL  certificate). The other  option is
that you  configured Outlook to use  Secure SMTP (not quite  the same as
STARTTLS) and  it is  connecting to an  entirely different  port. Either
way, you  should remove that feature  or figure out how  to configure it

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