[OT] Change for Obama

Eric Wald eswald at brainshell.org
Fri Sep 26 16:41:45 MDT 2008

On Sep 24, Kyle Waters wrote:
> Alright the rest of you were nice, but I'm in a bad mood today.  So I'm
> going to be a jerk. BTW I am a democrat.
> [...]
> I have to admit you're pretty brave posting an idea to raise money for a
> democrat to a mailing list based in the most republican county in the entire
> country.  Though maybe you're like me and having nothing better to do while
> you wait for your sql command to run....

That's where I am at the moment.  Somehow, a whole bunch of tables got
switched from InnoDB to MyISAM, losing their foreign key constraints in
the process.  It takes a while to restore them.

I used to consider myself a republican before my wife pulled my head out
of the ground and made me look at the facts.  Granted, it helped that
she had a book on the connections between the hippie movement and early
hacker culture.

- Eric

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