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   Grant Shipley wrote:

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On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 2:31 PM, Kyle Waters [2]<unum at unum5.org> wrote:

Was this the guy that said his religion was being interfered with because he
couldn't have a garden at his house?

Since I can't imagine the city council telling him that he can't have
a garden, I'm going to assume that by "garden" he meant something
obnoxiously huge and/or rank that got so bad it started affecting
neighboring property values.

Am I right?

I thought it was because the were widening center street and taking
his front yard away from him?

   Maybe there are 2 different incidents here, because that's what I
   thought, too.  The one I'm thinking of was before the Japanese
   beetles, and outside that range, anyway.


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