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Thu Sep 25 16:32:12 MDT 2008

On 25 Sep 2008, at 16:27, Daniel C. wrote:

> Since I can't imagine the city council telling him that he can't have
> a garden, I'm going to assume that by "garden" he meant something
> obnoxiously huge and/or rank that got so bad it started affecting
> neighboring property values.

No, Orem has had an infestation of Japanese beetles for a few years.  
The only way to get rid of them was via aerial spraying. This spray  
was not save for consumption however so that city informed residents  
that they should not grow a garden. What's ridiculous about the man in  
the story's position is that if the city didn't spray, he wouldn't  
have a garden either because the beetles were eating it all. So, he  
had a choice, go without a garden for a few years while the city  
exterminates or go without one forever as the beetle population  
infests everything.

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