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Naveen Dhanuka wrote:

> The campaign is “Obama for Change“.
> i just reverted back the words and it reads “Change for Obama“.  
> But besides humor there lotz of sense to it.
> Wikipedia reports that the population of USA is 305,238,000.
> Now if every American donates Change
> ($1) a Day to Obama, the amount of money Democarts would have for a
> year is $ 111,411,870,000.
> I dun see any bottle necks here.
> In America everyone has CreditCards and Internet penetration is greatest.
> So humor using Change for Obama campaign would be a great hit if used in cartoon columns.And if you reveal the maths in newspaper, I hope you would see fireworks.Best wishes & regards
> Naveen Dhanuka

I took calculus in high school and haven't had a math class since then.
 However, I don't think I need calculus to reveal the math here:

305,238,000 People * $1/People = $305,238,000

You were off by:

$111,411,870,000 - $305,238,000 = $111,106,632,000


$305,238,000/$111,411,870,000*100% = 0.2739726

That leaves you with a margin of error at approximately 100%.

Glad I'm not a democart...

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