[OT] Change for Obama

Kyle Waters unum at unum5.org
Wed Sep 24 11:08:44 MDT 2008

Alright the rest of you were nice, but I'm in a bad mood today.  So I'm 
going to be a jerk. BTW I am a democrat.

Naveen Dhanuka wrote:
> The campaign is “Obama for Change“.
> i just reverted back the words and it reads “Change for Obama“.  
> But besides humor there lotz of sense to it.
Ya that's real clever I'm sure no one has thought of that before
Well besides maybe these people:
> Wikipedia reports that the population of USA is 305,238,000.
> Now if every American donates Change
> ($1) a Day to Obama, the amount of money Democarts would have for a
So you seem to be assuming that everyone in America supports Obama.  If 
that's the case why are we raising money for him?  I mean he doesn't 
need it to campaign, since everyone already supports him.  I think you 
need to revisit you maths, and learn to do research.  May I recommend 
electoral-vote.com to start your research(that link is almost linux 
> So humor using Change for Obama campaign would be a great hit if used in cartoon columns.
Alright you lost me here.  What's a cartoon column?

I have to admit you're pretty brave posting an idea to raise money for a 
democrat to a mailing list based in the most republican county in the 
entire country.  Though maybe you're like me and having nothing better 
to do while you wait for your sql command to run....

If you actually want to be successful in raising money for a candidate 
on this mailing list may I recommend you try raising money for Bob Barr, 
or Ron Paul.


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