[OT] Change for Obama

Naveen Dhanuka naveendhanuka at live.com
Wed Sep 24 00:14:57 MDT 2008

The campaign is “Obama for Change“.
i just reverted back the words and it reads “Change for Obama“.  
But besides humor there lotz of sense to it.
Wikipedia reports that the population of USA is 305,238,000.
Now if every American donates Change
($1) a Day to Obama, the amount of money Democarts would have for a
year is $ 111,411,870,000.
I dun see any bottle necks here.
In America everyone has CreditCards and Internet penetration is greatest.
So humor using Change for Obama campaign would be a great hit if used in cartoon columns.And if you reveal the maths in newspaper, I hope you would see fireworks.Best wishes & regards

Naveen Dhanuka
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