Mythbuntu Box Upgrade?

Hans Fugal hans at
Mon Sep 22 22:49:38 MDT 2008

Joshua Lutes wrote:

>> Unless you're streaming video that's of higher quality than that
>> captured by your tuner card, I bet your problem isn't guts at all but
>> network-related. Maybe you need a bigger buffer or fatter pipe.
> My roommates don't have issues with using their laptops -- and since
> YouTube is buffered I didn't think that this would be the root cause.

Ok, so network seems fine.

> I'm not sure what kind of video card I have, but since everything is
> going out through the PVR-350 tuner card, I assumed that the video
> card wouldn't even matter.  

Now that you mention it, IIRC myth has the ability to use the decoder in
the pvr-35 (or one/some of those hauppage cards anyway), which would
explain myth being fine and non-myth not being fine.

> I think I read somewhere that the PVR-350
> only outputs MPEG-2 or something like that and I wonder if 1.7 GHz
> isn't enough to encode that on the fly. 

I would think that it would be. But then, I wouldn't think streaming
video would be any harder (since it's typically low resolution). But it
may be that the pvr-350 hardware decoding is in use, or your video card
is helping out via Xv, and that the same things aren't happening when
playing back streaming video in a web browser.

> Though now that I think about
> it I thought that the PVR-350 also had encoder/decoder capabilities,
> so maybe that wouldn't matter.  Hm.

It has a hardware encoder, that outputs mpeg2 as you mentioned. It may
also be the model that has a decoder which some programs, e.g. myth, can
take advantage of for decoding mpeg2 (which streaming video is not
because it's not a very compressing codec - because it's so old). But
it's not automatic, the program has to use it explicitly.

I think you should figure out whether your myth is using the pvr-350 to
help decode video, and find out what video card you have and look at the
playback settings in myth to see if it's using Xv or what. Then we can
make an educated guess about what is going on and whether you need more
cpu to play streaming video.

You might try downloading a streaming video file as others discussed and
playing it both with mplayer or vlc, and with myth. Mplayer will let you
play around with Xv etc., though I'm not sure about the pvr-350 decoding

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