Mythbuntu Box Upgrade?

Joshua Lutes joshua at
Mon Sep 22 11:14:05 MDT 2008

On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 10:42 AM, Hans Fugal <hans at> wrote:
> So you can watch stuff you recorded with the PVR-350 smoothly but not
> e.g. YouTube?

Correct.  I first tried it out with Hulu (low res) and the sound is
fine, but the video stutters.  I then tried it with YouTube (since you
can push pause to buffer it) and the same problem occurred.

> Try watching your streaming video and watching
> the page ins/outs numbers in top and/or the hard disk light. If they're
> going wild (i.e. you're swapping) then you need more RAM. Otherwise you
> don't.

I'll check this out tonight, along with what my video card is.  Thanks
for the tip.

> Unless you're streaming video that's of higher quality than that
> captured by your tuner card, I bet your problem isn't guts at all but
> network-related. Maybe you need a bigger buffer or fatter pipe.

My roommates don't have issues with using their laptops -- and since
YouTube is buffered I didn't think that this would be the root cause.

I'm not sure what kind of video card I have, but since everything is
going out through the PVR-350 tuner card, I assumed that the video
card wouldn't even matter.  I think I read somewhere that the PVR-350
only outputs MPEG-2 or something like that and I wonder if 1.7 GHz
isn't enough to encode that on the fly.  Though now that I think about
it I thought that the PVR-350 also had encoder/decoder capabilities,
so maybe that wouldn't matter.  Hm.

Thanks for the suggestions and informations.


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