Job: Video Game Network Engineer / Web 2.0 Developer

Kevin Steele beta at
Fri Sep 19 12:45:35 MDT 2008

We're seeking a developer hungry to pioneer the online delivery of a new generation of high-end, educational video games.

Big Brainz, Inc., located in Provo, Utah, is bringing all the technology of high-end video games to the comparatively primitive world of educational software.  Our blockbuster initial offering, Timez Attack, has already exploded to serve 700,000 children in 160+ countries.

To better appease the relentless demand for our products, we are taking our standalone gaming experience online.  We're looking for an individual who can make that online experience as elegant and engaging as any desktop application.  If you're keenly interested in a flexible position with mountains of variety and responsibility, please contact us yesterday.


- Strong C/C++ development skills on both Windows and OS X
- Deep understanding of networking, with low-level and high-level coding experience
- Experience with or enthusiasm for AJAX (JavaScript, XHTML, PHP, CSS, XML, REST).  Perhaps Flash.
- Knowledge of Windows filesystems (Win32), Unix or Linux file systems and OS shell commands
- Experience developing OS X Safari plugins and IE ActiveX web controls
- Knowledge of web and Internet security issues
- Passion for creating solid web technology that works well on the full spectrum of computers that access the Internet
- Bachelor's or master's degree in computer science or related field, or equivalent work experience a plus

Some of these skills aren't absolutely required at your hire date, Safari plugin experience or OS X development for instance. All of the skills listed (and then some) will eventually be required and used, so an eagerness to learn new technologies is essential.

What you will do:

- Design and develop stunning Web 2.0 interfaces--with ample artistic backup
- Develop and maintain in-house analysis and management tools
- Expand and improve our cutting-edge online game deployment system
- Create new online technologies that will enable a staggering new scope of educational gaming
- Carry the primary responsibility for making the user's online experience as efficient, reliable, and engaging as possible

Please send PDF files of your resume or CV, along with a cover letter to jobs at bigbrainz dot com.  Please don't include boiler-plate cover letters, yet don't spend forever customizing them.  We just want a simple, honest explanation of how you feel about this specific opportunity and how you are prepared for it.

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