New monitor: Money is no object

Dave Smith dave at
Sat Sep 13 16:04:51 MDT 2008

Jonathan Ellis wrote:
>> I'm pretty sure my nVidia Quadro NVS 290 cannot do that since each DVI is,
>> according to the specs, limited to 1920x1200.
> That would be single-link DVI then.  Both ATI and NVIDIA make 2-port
> dual link DVI cards now.

Thanks to all for the recommendations! I think I've finally made a decision.

For one of the workstations, I'll order a new video card that sports two 
dual-link DVI-D outputs so I can use two of these 30" displays from Dell:

And for the other workstations, I'll use dual 24" monitors (probably 
also from Dell) with the computer's existing single-link DVI-D 
connectors on them. For one of the workstations, I may take my now 
unemployed video card from the first workstation and add two more 24" 
monitors for a total of 4 displays on a single box. That would be cool 
(yes, we're still hiring, send me your resume). :)

Can anyone recommend a graphics card with two dual-link DVI-D 
connectors? It doesn't need to have great 3D performance, just needs to 
be reliable and Linux compatible. I don't mind using nVidia's 
proprietary drivers either (blasphemer!), but I've had such bad 
experiences with ATI on Linux, that I'm really favoring nVidia (convince 
me otherwise if you wish). Again, money is virtually no object, so if 
there's some really nifty card that costs big bucks, I'm up for it.


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