i.TV Looking for PHP Developers

Jesse Stay jesse at thestays.org
Fri Sep 12 16:25:41 MDT 2008

The funded startup I just joined, i.TV, is looking for PHP developers  
to help us on a new Facebook App and more we are working on.  We have  
an iPhone app we just submitted to the iPhone app store, and we're  
looking to build out now - we are cutting edge and it should be a lot  
of fun to work for.  We're looking for mid-to-senior level experience,  
and you'll be working under me to build out the Facebook app we're  
building at first - we may move you around to other things as well if  
you're interested down the road.  Javascript/AJAX experience is a  
must, as is experience with MVC-based frameworks on PHP.  MySQL  
experience is also a must.  Experience in Facebook and/or OpenSocial  
is a plus, but not required.

We have a great health benefits program, we're a Mac environment (with  
Linux/Amazon EC2 & S3 on the backend).  Feel free to ask if you have  
any other questions.  This is a great opportunity to be a part of what  
we feel will be really big in the near future.

You can see more about our iPhone app at http://i.tv.  You can also  
see a great review of what we're launching with at http://www.louisgray.com/live/2008/09/itv-launching-iphone-app-for-local.html 

Contact me with a resume or link to a LinkedIn or other profile that  
has your experience at jesse at i.tv if you're interested.


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