New monitor: Money is no object

Garth Hill thaabit at
Thu Sep 11 22:58:43 MDT 2008

I just bought a Dell 2408WFP after much searching.  My budget was more 
limited, but it's a beautiful monitor.  I would suggest making sure you 
know what type of panel to get.  You can search for panel type of a 
given model here:

Personally I'd suggest avoiding TN panels and look for a PVA/MVA ($$) or 
maybe S-IPS ($$$).  I find PVAs to be easier on the eyes and better 
color.  The reviews say S-IPS might be even better color though worse 
refresh rates.  I would care more if I did design.  I'm saying this all 
from memory so I might be somewhat wrong, I just know that my roommate 
got the Dell TN panel and I got the PVA panel and I find it /much/ 
nicer.  PVA panels typically have a 178 degree viewing angle over 160 
for TN.  TNs have the best refresh rate, are cheapest, but are otherwise 
not quite as nice.

It's sad that /most/ monitors do not list the panel type in the tech 
specs.  It's the first thing I look for in a monitor.

The article below has a lot of information about panel types and other 
considerations when buying a monitor.  There is a wealth of info there, 
but at least scan the bullet lists about pros/cons of panel types:

- Garth

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