New monitor: Money is no object

Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Thu Sep 11 22:55:24 MDT 2008

On Thu, 2008-09-11 at 22:31 -0600, Matt Bowler wrote:
> Doesn't anyone use alt+tab anymore?  I figure I can only look at so much
> screen space at a time.  Rather than hunt for apps on separate screens I
> find it easier to make the apps come to me.

Of course, but only in moderation. I use virtual desktops much more.
None the less, sometimes there's no replacement for a high pixel count.

When all you're doing is banging away on some code, all you need is an
editor and maybe some documentation. But when it comes time to actually
making the code work, there's no replacement for being able to see lots
of code, logs, the app itself, maybe a debugger, etc. All at once, not
hiding behind each other making it harder to pull the pieces together.
Programming is all about keeping a bunch of information in your head at
once. Moving some of that information out of your head and onto the
screen makes room to think about more subtle details.

My gut tells me that animators and musicians also benefit from increased
pixels, but I won't pretend to completely understand why.

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