New monitor: Money is no object

Mike Lovell toelovell at
Thu Sep 11 18:24:50 MDT 2008

Michael Torrie wrote:
> Keep in mind, also, that when you get to the higher pixel count, you
> have to drive the monitor with 2 dvi connections (or an hdmi), so to run
> two of those size of monitors, you'll have to have 2 video cards.  Just
> something to keep in mind.  One card will not be able to drive 2 of
> those higher res monitors.
I thought it was that the bigger panels require a DVI connection that is 
a dual link DVI-D. So if you have a video card that has two dual link 
DVI-D connectors, you would be able to do two 30" panels on one video 
card. Some of the 'workstation' cards have them. Definitely make sure 
the card you have or are buying has the ports.
As for panels, I would probably get a good solid 24" 1920x1200 monitor. 
I haven't really seen anything smaller that 24" that will do that high 
of resolution. You would probably be better getting a 24" panel with a 
higher contrast ratio, higher refresh rate, or quicker response time 
than a 27" with lower specs. What I did when I was buying my monitor was 
find the resolution that I wanted (which was 1680x1050) and then found 
the screen with the best mix of contrast ratio, refresh rates, and 
price. That ended up being on a 20" screen. While there are 21" and 22" 
screens out there, it was the same resolution as my 20" but crappier 
other specs. (side note: sometimes i see 22" monitors and think 'ooooo. 
i should upgrade.' but then i remember that there is really no benefit). 
If you can afford to get 2 30" monitors, I would go for that since the 
real estate would be a big help. But if you don't want to shell out that 
much. Some good 24 inch panels would probably be your best but. Don't 
just get the cheap ones though. Find a really nice one.
Anyways, there are my $.02.


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