New monitor: Money is no object

Dave Smith dave at
Thu Sep 11 17:33:07 MDT 2008

Michael Torrie wrote:
> Keep in mind, also, that when you get to the higher pixel count, you
> have to drive the monitor with 2 dvi connections (or an hdmi), so to run
> two of those size of monitors, you'll have to have 2 video cards.  Just
> something to keep in mind.  One card will not be able to drive 2 of
> those higher res monitors.

I was worried about that. Is that true of pretty much every 30"+ 
monitor? I can certainly buy another dual DVI video card if I have to.

By the way, I'm actually outfitting three workstations like this. If 
that sounds fun, we're hiring. Maybe you could use one of the other 
two... :)


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