New monitor: Money is no object

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Thu Sep 11 16:44:05 MDT 2008

On 11 Sep 2008, at 16:36, Dave Smith wrote:

> Anyway, what would *you* buy? I will probably top out at around  
> $3,000 (like I said, *almost* no object), but it may be as low as  
> $1500 realistically.

Most people get excited about big displays. I would much rather have  
two smaller displays than one big one, for several reasons. One is  
that you get more pixels. The combined resolution of two side-by-side  
is much larger than one big one. Two displays also cost less than one  
big one (although since work is paying in this scenario, that's  
irrelevant). I also prefer the squat-tier, wider combined display that  
two displays gives over the taller, narrow one that a single display  
gives. And, lastly—and this is the most important point for me—dual  
displays allow you to maximize windows to one or the other displays.  
With a single, you have to do this manually. I like to use my right  
for full-screen things (my editor, Photoshop, Illustrator, terminal)  
and my left for non-full screen things that I always want to be able  
to see (email, instant messenger, irc, web browser, file browser, etc).

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