New monitor: Money is no object

Dave Smith dave at
Thu Sep 11 16:36:32 MDT 2008

My work has afforded me a very nice opportunity to buy a new monitor (or 
monitors). Money is almost no object. If you were in my shoes, what 
display (or displays) would you buy? Bare in mind that I have a new Dell 
Precision T3400 workstation with dual DVI outputs running Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux Server 5 (x86_64 if that matters). Also, I could buy 
another video card to power a 3rd or 4th display if needed (I never 
though I'd say "need" and "4th monitor" in the same sentence). I've been 
looking at some of the Dell monitors with 27" at the low end. The 
trouble is that they all seem to be 1920x1200, even at 21", which sounds 
crappy to have the same resolution on a monitor at 21" and 27". Not 
until 30" do they seem to go up in pixel count, but they also go *way* 
up in price.

Anyway, what would *you* buy? I will probably top out at around $3,000 
(like I said, *almost* no object), but it may be as low as $1500 


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