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> Mark Tippets sent a message using the contact form at
> http://www.plug.org/contact.
> I'm looking for a bright php, or html programmer that can setup a email
> removal system.  Basically a form mail tied to a database that emails the
> results once each day.  If you have anyone that could help have then
> contact me at mtippets at wstb.net
> Thanks
> Mark T

I would highly suggest that no one ever do business with this man.

I previously worked for him when he was CEO of Intelliquis
International.  During that time, as the company was declining, he
resorted to terrible tactics to keep afloat.  These include: Filing
false SEC reports
(http://www.sec.gov/litigation/litreleases/lr17611.htm), purposely
failing to pay vendors/providers, spamming as a service, "going
virtual" including failing to pay employees.

He is just trying to peddle the same software he was 6 years ago.  Compare:

It is likely he is planning to stiff you in the end like he did me.

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