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Hans Fugal hans at
Sat Oct 25 14:53:54 MDT 2008

Andres Gonzalez wrote:
> Can I take a hard drive that has linux installed on it, and use it on a
> different mobo, without having to install linux again?
> I have a fedora 7 box using an Intel P4, single core, processor that I
> use for software development. I have to upgrade my software to support
> dual core Intel processors, so I have to upgrade to a dual core
> mobo/processor. I would like to take my current hard drive out of this
> P4 box and put it on a new mobo that has a dual core processor. Can I do
> this without any issues?
> Looking at the output from dmesg seems to imply that, upon boot up,
> there is tons of discovery happening as linux boots up. Consequently, if
> my newer mobo uses a different chip set for example, than linux will
> still boot properly.
> I just do not want to have to go thru a complete re-install if I do not
> have to.
> Thanks,
> -Andre

Like Andy said, it should go smoothly. The biggest hangup might be
finding the root partition. If it doesn't find the root partition at
boot, you might need to edit your grub or lilo conf, and /etc/fstab,
from a rescue disk. But if it was on the only (primary) hard drive in
both machines this will be unnecessary.

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