drive wipe

Mike Lovell mike at
Fri Oct 24 21:15:25 MDT 2008

Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
> +++ Lonnie Olson [23/10/08 14:49 -0600]:
>> On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 11:58 PM, Dr. Scott S. Jones <scott at> wrote:
>>> What does one use to wipe a drive, what application? I have a few that I
> Yeah, HIPAA data and rules. I plan to shred my drives. and then either
> redeploy in a file server.. or just keep them and let my boys rip them apart
> and learn how they are put together.. it's not the furnace melting routine,
> but my boys are pretty destructive, and will render them useless. 
Go figure that this discussion happens as I find an online show about 
it. Systm this week did an episode about destroying hard drives an also 
brought up an old The Screensavers episode that is one of the coolest 
clips I have seen. Anyways, here are the links. Enjoy.

(The second one is just awesome)


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