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On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 06:32:24PM -0600, Josh Coates wrote:
> but i guess my original question about the 95% guesstimate relates to the
> absurdity of that particular way of measuring things in this context. in
> terms of computational power, the difference of 5% is meaningless (not to
> mention a completely arbitrary, made up number.)  eg. 95 THz of processing
> power vs 100 THz of processing power is not a significant difference when
> applied to problem solving.
> so, unless you want to blow the credibility of your well crafted views on
> civilian computational power vs. the governments power, i suggest you come
> up with a difference way of expressing this value.

As already mentioned, I'm just merely illustrating that government
computational power is not exponetially more powerful than what is
immediately available as citizens. Then again, I'm speculating just as
much as the perosn who thinks otherwise. So, to each their own. Again,
the 5% might be exaterated, but I doubt it's far off. And I agree that a
different measurement in showing the difference would be preferred.

I think we've beat this dead horse dead.
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