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Josh Coates jcoates at
Thu Oct 23 18:32:24 MDT 2008

>I have to ask, though: have you seen a government datacenter?
>What about one that spanned acres? :)

i have.  the 'compound' was acres in size, but the actual floor space was
measured in 1000's of square feet, just like a commercial data center.
really amazing super computers and storage facilities - but to be honest,
the most impressive thing about the whole place was that the entire grounds
of the facility was draped with a net.

that's right - imagine a small business park that spanned 10 acres or so,
and then imagine the entire place with a net 'ceiling' about 40 feet in the
air.  i asked them what was up with the net and they said it's to stop
people from infiltration from the air.  i guess that would work.

but i guess my original question about the 95% guesstimate relates to the
absurdity of that particular way of measuring things in this context. in
terms of computational power, the difference of 5% is meaningless (not to
mention a completely arbitrary, made up number.)  eg. 95 THz of processing
power vs 100 THz of processing power is not a significant difference when
applied to problem solving.

so, unless you want to blow the credibility of your well crafted views on
civilian computational power vs. the governments power, i suggest you come
up with a difference way of expressing this value.

but yeah, after seeing several government labs, i tend to agree that
generally speaking, the governmental computational power is *not
significantly* disimilar to commercially available power.  but then again, i
don't really know, it's just my guess based on what i've seen at government
labs and my low opinion of the ability of our government to innovate
*independently* of the private sector.

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