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Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at
Wed Oct 22 23:58:15 MDT 2008

+++ Jonathan Duncan [22/10/08 23:34 -0600]:
> >Please, if you have anything that you've considered getting rid of  
> >it or selling it - now's the perfect time! =)
> >
> I have an old machine that I built a while back that has an ATX power  
> supply and other stuff in it.  The CPU is AMD but not 64.  I have not  
> used the machine for much of anything for the past year or so.  I  
> guess I might as well get rid of it.  I just need to wipe the drives.   
> If you are interested, let me know.

What does one use to wipe a drive, what application? I have a few that I
need to clean up...and overwrite, to protect patient data. 


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