getting rid of some antique^d^d^dnostalgic hardware

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Mon Oct 20 08:13:48 MDT 2008

I have in my possession, collecting dust, 5x DECstation 3100s and 
miscellaneous, related hardware. I no longer want them around taking space.

They can run ultrix, netbsd, and possibly linux.


These were the first mips-based unix workstations ever put on the market. At 
their introduction, in 1989, they were among the fastest workstations, 
trouncing the then-fastest-from-intel 486 and beating the Sparc I.

- MIPS R2000 based, at 16MHz
- 24MB ram (12 banks of 2MB 70ns parity, not sure if it's FPM or EDO,
  probably FPM given the age).
- 10Mbit aui transcievers (for which I have aui-to-10base-T converters)
- propietary keyboard and mouse, of which I have several, so there are
  even spares.
- I believe they only output sync-on-green. I have some video cables for them
  as well, but you'd need your own monitor.
- I think they also have serial ports (I'm pretty sure they do).
- SCSI io, and most have drives with ultrix still loaded on them. I even might
  be able to find the root password for the ultrix install.
- form factor is the typical desktop pizza-box case, about 2u in height

If you're interested, send me a line this week. After next weekend, I will be 
getting rid of them.

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