looking for a groupwise linux guru

Lee Higginson leeard at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 21:54:28 MDT 2008

I consult for a very small company who is running groupwise 6.5 on sles 9
small business.  I'm looking for someone who can help me come up with a
disaster plan for when the box eventually dies.

I backup the domain and groupwise databases each night with dbcopy.  I want
to take these copies of the databases, move them to a new server, and
successfully bring up the system on the new box.  I've been trying to do
this in a vm but haven't had much success.  It's probably an easy task for
someone who has worked with groupwise/nds more than me.  It may be easy but
I can afford to fork over $200-$300 dollars for some instruction on how to
do this successfully.  Anyone???



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