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Doran L. Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Tue Oct 7 21:11:13 MDT 2008

Not long ago, Joseph Hall proclaimed...
> > Has anyone taken this test that can provide any advice on preparation?
> > Is anyone currently studying for it that would like to try a study group?
> I assume you've already looked at Red Hat's study guide:
> http://www.redhat.com/certification/rhce/prep_guide/
> I always tell my students that it's an excellent list of things to
> study for. If you feel you might be weak with one particular bullet
> point, then you know what you have to study. I've actually had
> students print out the list and check off items during the week.
> Unfortunately, some of them spend more time obsessing over their list
> than actually studying.
> I might note that Guru Labs (www.gurulabs.com) has a couple of
> excellent classes (GL250 and GL275) that can help get you ready for
> the test...

I just BARELY took the RHCE exam last Friday. That's right. I'm now
(finally) an RHCE. Let me just second what Joe (redbeard) said about Red
Hat's prep guide and Guru Labs' classes. Not just the GL250 and GL275, but
also the GL314 (Troubleshooting) course. 

The RHCE examination is five and a half hours long and none of that
involves answering any questions on paper. It is all by doing what a system
administrator would do: installing software, configuring systems and
services, all that fun stuff. It's also fixing things that are broken (one
reason why I recommend the GL314 class). 

Red Hat takes its certifications seriously. This is not an easy one to
get, but getting it says volumes about what you know and understand.

Of course, the best way to take the RHCE exam is to have your employer pay
for it. That's what I did and why I didn't take it several years before

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