Anyone know of a good web front end for managing KVM virtual machines?

Mike Lovell toelovell at
Fri Oct 3 18:10:21 MDT 2008

Chad R Mayfield wrote:
> I am wondering if anyone knows of a good web-based manager to control KVM
> based virtual machines.
> I will be redeploying a server of mine shortly with Ubuntu 8.04 Server
> Edition or Ubuntu 8.04 JeOS Edition with the sole purpose of hosting virtual
> machines using KVM.  The server has a nice Core 2 Duo with the vmx (Hardware
> Virtualization) CPU flag and I want to take advantage of KVM's hardware
> virtualization on the CPU.
> To make it a bit easier on myself I want a web-based application similar to
> the provided by VMware Server 2.0[1] or even Linode[2] (I know it was built
> in house) to deploy/monitor/control the Virtual Machines since I so not plan
> on running X on the server.  I have searched and searched Google and found
> several of note.  The first would be oVirt[3], which fits the bill
> perfectly, however it is only compiled for FC9 and the other is Proxmox[4]
> which is an entire distrubution based off debian.  Does anyone know of
> another I could look at and evaluate?  I imagine there has to be more that I
> am just missing.
> [1] (Way to bloated to use)
> [2] (Very nice but built in-house)
> [3] (Bullseye, but built for Red Hat (FC9) products)
> [4]
> Thanks for your help,
I just did some checking and it looks like the latest versions/betas of 
Enomalism appear to have some support for KVM in addition to the Xen 
support. [1]
If that doesn't appeal to you, ConVirt/XenMan is a non-web app that 
seems to be okay. [2]
There are some suggestions.



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