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Andy Bradford amb-plugg at
Thu Nov 27 09:59:24 MST 2008

Thus said Daniel on Mon, 24 Nov 2008 14:19:26 MST:

> There is a  problem with one of our servers.  Files are reverting back
> to old  versions. Database  records are being  deleted or  changed. We
> don't know why this is and can't find enough logs for this.

Is it  all files, or  just some subset  of the files?  Specifically, are
they files in  use by certain applications/users? Sounds  like there may
be  two copies  of the  same files  being opened  and then  one of  them
overwriting the  other. This can  happen if there  is no locking  on the
files. How are  the files generated? Maybe whatever  generates the files
is generating an old version, if by old version you mean old content.

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