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Thu Nov 27 09:56:45 MST 2008

Thus said "Joseph Hall" on Mon, 24 Nov 2008 11:54:31 MST:

> I remember  once in my more  trusting years, a roommate  explaining to
> me  that it  is  actually  legal for  certain  types  of employers  to
> descriminate based on religion.

The LDS Church  is a private organization/religion in the  sense that it
regulates  its  own  memberships.  Just like  any  other  private  club,
organization,  association, whatever,  it has  certain requirements  for
participation. This  apparently includes special criteria  in the hiring
process to work for said organization.

Would one consider it ``discrimination''  against the less educated if a
business listed a requirement for a PhD on a job announcement?

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