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Doran Barton fozz at
Wed Nov 26 17:24:55 MST 2008

On Wednesday 26 November 2008 02:51:39 pm Andres Gonzalez wrote:
> My question is, is there a different Fedora CD (different for "Live
> Media??), or a different build that contains everything? What particular
> Fedora do I need to install in order to get more of the packages that
> are needed for basic software development?

Not anymore. Prior to Fedora 7, there was a set of packages you installed off 
the CD set or DVD and there was a set of packages available online from 
the "extras" repository. As of Fedora 7, the the "core" and "extras" were 
merged to create one repository. What comes with the install media is just a 
subset of what is available. Everything else can be installed over the Net 
from one of the mirror sites. 
You don't need to know the names of packages. If you know a file you nee, you 
can use yum to ask which package provides that file:

	yum provides /usr/bin/foo

Or, you can use yum to search for keywords that might be the package manifest.

	yum search foolib

There have been graphical tools available for Fedora like pirut (Prior to 
Fedora 9) and gpk-application (As of Fedora 9) that also provide these search 

One question: Did you know Fedora 10 just came out yesterday? Why not install 
Fedora 10?

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